Rep. Ted Lieu: "Michael Cohen specifically says that Donald Trump directed him to make these campaign finance payments. That means we have a person sitting in the White House right now who is essentially an unindicted co-conspirator."
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In light of AMI’s admission that they suppressed Karen McDougal’s story to influence the election (the details of which I first reported here:, worth returning to this additional Trump story they paid to bury during the campaign:
'From me, a happy Christmas and not goodbye, but goodnight'
David Dimbleby receives a standing ovation from the panel and audience as he says goodbye to BBC Question Time after 25 years. #bbcqt #dimblebye
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This is an historic day. For the first time in 45 years the U.S. Senate came together to end an unauthorized war. We have woken up the Congress to its constitutional responsibility. This is the beginning of a new day.
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As the holidays approach, President @realDonaldTrump is working to deliver several crucial wins before the calendar turns to 2019, while @FLOTUS is spreading Christmas cheer with children, families, and our military service members.

More in 1600 Daily:
All women in our healthcare system must be given dignity. They must be listened to. They must be taken seriously. They must be given respect. When they tell you what they need, listen. They know what they need when they tell you. Hear them.
“I love getting things done for the people.”—@realDonaldTrump
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56 Senators just voted to end U.S. support for the Saudi war in Yemen. We're standing up to hold Saudi Arabia accountable for its role in the devastation and humanitarian disaster.

It's time for @SpeakerRyan and the @HouseGOP to vote on the House floor.
I'm incredibly saddened by the loss of these courageous @USMC Marines. We owe them eternal gratitude for their service and sacrifice, and we pray for their families.

Maj. Brophy, NY
Lt. Col. Herrmann, NC
Staff Sgt. Flores, AZ
Cpl. Baker, IL
Cpl. Ross, TN
Saudi Arabia has been committing atrocities against civilians in Yemen, and we should have NOTHING to do with it.
JUST IN: Senate Foreign Relations Cmte. Chairman Corker says he will introduce joint resolution aimed at "holding Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman responsible for the murder of Jamal Khashoggi."
I often stated, “One way or the other, Mexico is going to pay for the Wall.” This has never changed. Our new deal with Mexico (and Canada), the USMCA, is so much better than the old, very costly & anti-USA NAFTA deal, that just by the money we save, MEXICO IS PAYING FOR THE WALL!
Let’s not do a shutdown, Democrats - do what’s right for the American People!
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They gave General Flynn a great deal because they were embarrassed by the way he was treated - the FBI said he didn’t lie and they overrode the FBI. They want to scare everybody into making up stories that are not true by catching them in the smallest of misstatements. Sad!......
I never directed Michael Cohen to break the law. He was a lawyer and he is supposed to know the law. It is called “advice of counsel,” and a lawyer has great liability if a mistake is made. That is why they get paid. Despite that many campaign finance lawyers have strongly......
If it was a Conservative that said what “crazed” Mika Brzezinski stated on her show yesterday, using a certain horrible term, that person would be banned permanently from television....
....stated that I did nothing wrong with respect to campaign finance laws, if they even apply, because this was not campaign finance. Cohen was guilty on many charges unrelated to me, but he plead to two campaign charges which were not criminal and of which he probably was not...
....guilty even on a civil basis. Those charges were just agreed to by him in order to embarrass the president and get a much reduced prison sentence, which he did-including the fact that his family was temporarily let off the hook. As a lawyer, Michael has great liability to me!
Chuck Schumer: "Mr. President, there is no wall. Mr. President, Mexico has not agreed to pay for it."
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No jump shots. No ferns. No memes. Not this time. I’m going to give it to you straight: If you need health insurance for 2019, the deadline to get covered is December 15. Go to today and pass this on — you just might save a life.
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TIME’s people of the year:
ICYMI on @FoxNews with @seanhannity: "Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are for open borders. And the president is fighting to do what the American people want, which is secure the border, build the wall, and keep our country safe."
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James Comey’s behind closed doors testimony reveals that “there was not evidence of Campaign Collusion” with Russia when he left the FBI. In other words, the Witch Hunt is illegal and should never have been started!
The Democrats and President Obama gave Iran 150 Billion Dollars and got nothing, but they can’t give 5 Billion Dollars for National Security and a Wall?
President Trump engages in an Oval Office clash with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over border security as the shutdown deadline looms

Pelosi: "I don't think we should have a debate in front of the press on this"
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Another very bad terror attack in France. We are going to strengthen our borders even more. Chuck and Nancy must give us the votes to get additional Border Security!
On 245 occasions, former FBI Director James Comey told House investigators he didn’t know, didn’t recall, or couldn’t remember things when asked. Opened investigations on 4 Americans (not 2) - didn’t know who signed off and didn’t know Christopher Steele. All lies!
Leakin’ James Comey must have set a record for who lied the most to Congress in one day. His Friday testimony was so untruthful! This whole deal is a Rigged Fraud headed up by dishonest people who would do anything so that I could not become President. They are now exposed!
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