Great new song @ShawnMendes beautiful #InMyBlood
It’s clear to see you only care about yourself
Thank You God For Blessing Me With Another Day Of Life!!!!!
It doesn’t matter what side you are on Brexit, letting the French make our passports is bloody ridiculous.
Is it the weekend yet?!!!!
To all my fans out there who miss my chubby cheeks & never forget to tell me that - I’m sorry to say We all change - We all grow up ! वक़्त ने किया क्या हसीन सितम, तुम रहे ना तुम हम रहे ना हम 😘 #change #time #comparisons #expectations #chubby😍#cheeks#face#Ting
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Hate to see Ant McPartlin like this. He’s a great guy (genuinely, a delight to work with in an industry full of.... less delightful people) who’s obviously going through a lot of inner turmoil. Just hope he now gets the proper time & help he needs to sort himself out.
We often get so caught up in life we forget that those who surround us affect our energy. #ThursdayThoughts
Cannot wait for the episode of this week #battles #myteam is the best
🇪🇸MADRID!🇪🇸 We want to bring a fan to sing with us on stage tonight! If you’re coming to the show or know someone who is, post a video of you or them singing ‘Rain' with #FreedomChildMadrid! If we see someone we think is awesome, we’ll be in touch before 3pm today!
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#MendesArmy guess what we're doing at midnight?! 😍
BLASTING @ShawnMendes #InMyBlood THAT'S WHAT! Listen at tonight and EVERY HOUR starting at 6am tomorrow 💕📻🎶
New single #InMyBlood out now! Go stream & download x
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Fortify yourself with lots of rest, healthy foods, quiet time, and don’t forget to play!
First part of my interview with @zanelowe drops tomorrow on @Beats1. Full interview coming soon x
Really happy with how this cover has come out. Thanks to the brilliant @ESMagOfficial team and Editor: @Laura_Weir #ESmagazine
I’m gonna need you to make time to watch @Camila_Cabello perform her new hit, #NeverBeTheSame.
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5 Seconds Of Summer.
i keep seeing @AmazingPhil's exposed forehead out of the corner of my eye and panicking thinking a stranger just broke into the apartment
We love the new prints from the core @usaprouk collection - Shop the collection at LM HQ x
during the first song i was overwhelmed i could barely sing because I constantly was on the edge of crying. we all felt so much love from you and i can’t say thank you enough !!! . LOS AMO. CHE, LOS ARGENTINOS SON PERO MUUUUUUY COPADOS
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Thanks to the 800,000 people who came to see #Humanity live and the fucking millions who watched it this week on Netflix. You are the best fans in the world. Can't wait to start all over again. My next tour will be called 'Super Nature'.
Cheers. Love Bobo x
Same, @Camila_Cabello. Same. 🛌
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Hey @Drake... I guess “Gods Plan” changed...
A man has been convicted in a UK court of making a joke that was deemed "grossly offensive". If you don't believe in a person's right to say things that you might find "grossly offensive", then you don't believe in Freedom of Speech.
I found it. I found a new rom com
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