President #Ramaphosa will present the #PresidencyBudget Vote at 14:00 in the National Assembly, Parliament today
This is not right. Briefings like this should be bipartisan.
Comcast is preparing to top Disney's bid for Fox
How Karl Marx was right about capitalism—and what he got wrong #OpenFuture
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This is a must-read: Why Chinese payment apps are giving U.S. bankers nightmares. via @jennysurane
Our @Adamstoon1 @EveningStandard on Boris’s new plane
This is a really great short summary of US immigration history
Dear @IvankaTrump,
In response to your Instagram post below...
As someone who “reports on policy”, I look forward to covering #FirstStepAct on @MSNBC
Would you like to join me?
Or encourage @realDonaldTrump to discuss it as opposed to applauding someone who compares BLM to KKK?
Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams has become the first black woman to win a major party nomination for governor
1 miserable person in a team of 30 happy people sucks the whole team down.
HAPPENING NOW: I am joining @RepLeeZeldin and my House colleagues to announce the introduction of a resolution detailing misconduct at highest level of DOJ/FBI.
Women and children were spared if they agreed to convert to Islam: Massacre of Hindus by Rohingya militant group documented by Amnesty report
Pres Trump at West Wing Portico to welcome South Korean Pres Moon Jae-in back to the WH for talks and working lunch. Again, no joint press conference.
The Turkish lira is really getting destroyed now.
40% of Americans can't cover a $400 emergency expense
Special counsel Mueller's team has asked about flows of money to Israeli social-media company
Wow. The Trump Administration’s sabotage of the healthcare market could cost Virginia families an average of $1,312 in higher premiums.
I’ve read some terrific books lately. Here are a few you might want to try this summer. Also, puppies… (CC @CuteEmergency):
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Sometimes I’d prefer not to predict this stuff. There is a foul smell around the predictability of the Republican Supreme Court appointees where protecting corporations from accountability in courts is concerned.
If Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch meeting on a tarmac in 2016 bothered you...then why doesn't Donald Trump telling the Justice Department what to do in 2018 bother you?
lets be honest, BTS is holding up BBMAs. There. I said it.
Determining who or what is investigated by the DOJ is not the President's call. Deputy AG Rosenstein's referral to the Inspector General is the right move. The White House should in no way hinder or impact the ongoing work of Special Counsel Mueller
.@realDonaldTrump speech on drug costs pays immediate dividends. New @Amgen drug lists at 30% less than expected. Middlemen like Pharmacy Benefit Managers, insurers & hospitals would do well by passing discounts on to patients.
At the heart of what is wrong with American politics is that someone can anonymously donate $24 million. What secret promises secured this donation? It’s all hidden.
This is an attack on Planned Parenthood. It’s an attack on choice. It’s an attack on women’s rights.

Women’s health is not a political bargaining chip. Period. We have to raise our voices like never before to defend the right to choose and stand with @PPact.
We've basically crossed the line into treason now -- and a whole party is acquiescing
I still don’t understand how lawmakers in this country continue to think that it’s their job to tell women what to do with their health care.
Everyone needs to pay attention to this. This is not ok. Here's why:
“If the accusations turn out to be true about this asset … this will be the first time ever in American history that one admin put covert assets for political purposes into the other party’s campaign to undermine, and potentially frame, the candidate of that party.” -@SebGorka
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