#YuliaSkripal, who was poisoned with her ex-spy father in a #NerveAgentAttack, says her recovery has been "slow and painful" and that she hopes to return to Russia someday
Want to set time limits on game time? Check out this article for info on setting Play Time for Child Accounts on your PS4: https://t.co/fX3Eer1Y1R
BTS ranks #4 on Billboard's Artist 100, predicted to take #1 on Billboard 200 next week
Another day of torrential downpours on the way for southern #India and #SriLanka with the risk of further significant flooding. Ben R
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he going for a lil swim

📹: amaccho5160
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Street Art Finds a Home in and American Fine Art Exhibition
Shove it, Chris Long; save your pretentious lectures for someone who gives a damn. https://t.co/O4orDJSSV9
““Find what you love and let it kill you.” — Charles Bukowski” (15 photos) https://t.co/fRvRu2hwDW
Hear Panic! at the Disco's spirited new song "High Hopes" https://t.co/Al9ShHyX5k
Pull up with the gang gang—

@RepAdamSchiff just told @maddow a Trump cabinet member says the bipartisan Gang of 8 *will* attend tomorrow’s meeting on informants in the Russia probe.
Two. More. Days. @BTS_twt #BTSxEllen
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Can’t take this serious ur name is taco
#BTS's #FakeLove MV Breaks YouTube World Record For Most Liked Video On 1st Day of Release!👏1⃣🎞️🌏🏆🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🕺🔥🌟👑
BTS's 'Fake Love' tucks away a certified all-kill
All we’re saying is our future husband better look at us the way that Prince Harry is looking at Meghan Markle right now. #RoyalWedding
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President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce films and series for Netflix, potentially including scripted series, unscripted series, docu-series, documentaries, and features.
I'm crying. You're crying. We're all crying. #RoyalWedding
Dear @ultabeauty, one of your incredible employees Carol gave my sister a makeover at your store for a series I posted on youtube. it was free promo for your company and the reception was great. Please don’t be a company that fires employees because of youtube. please reconsider.
Our best wishes to the royal couple on their magical wedding
We have no words. ♥️ #RoyalWedding
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Happy birthday to @weareoneEXO's sunshiney leader, Suho! 👓 #HappySuhoDay
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