Home Staging Proves Lucrative Return on Investment
Falcon 9’s first stage booster for this mission completed two East Coast launches earlier this year.
Static fire test of Falcon 9 complete—targeting November 19 launch of Spaceflight SSO-A: SmallSat Express from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.
For the first time, an international tribunal has ruled that the actions committed under Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970s constituted genocide https://t.co/TUQBauWg4B
We've turned the lobbies of our HQ buildings into donation drop-offs for much needed supplies for these first responders. We have bins in each building to collect supplies that we will deliver to those fighting the Camp Fire. Read this blog for details. https://t.co/bmG3Ca11ZB
Have European Leaders Lost The Will To Defend Western Civilization? https://t.co/UqV6391KWx
These are the world’s best cities to visit in 2019, according to the Lonely Planet https://t.co/sTJFYeTzES #travel
Russia’s $11 billion natural gas pipeline is primed to fuel Europe https://t.co/XUs3EjQKXU
The elements of a great presentation
'It's torture': critics step up bid to stop US school using electric shocks on children https://t.co/4KMouwDTSL
How To Make More From Your Money In Canada
Here is what the Earth would look like if all the ice melted
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How much lying did Donald Trump do in the run-up to the midterms?

He made 815 false claims in one month. EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTEEN.

It took him 286 days to make his first 815 false claims. He just did it in 31.

The Boring Company is building a watchtower in LA out of dirt bricks & we need a knight to yell insults at people in a French accent https://t.co/VChOVXXVaz
Brexit backer Jacob Rees-Mogg threatens to write a letter seeking a confidence vote in Theresa May's leadership after several ministers quit https://t.co/RAmtESLiRb
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The pound slid the most in more than 17 months after ministers quit Theresa May’s top team over her Brexit deal https://t.co/eb9Yp9seFo
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Falcon 9 first stage has landed on the Of Course I Still Love You droneship.
T-60 seconds until launch → https://t.co/gtC39uBC7z
BREAKING: Dominic Raab resigns as Britain's Brexit Secretary in a major blow for Theresa May. The pound falls sharply https://t.co/8vDbpejfWC
Michelle, I never thought of it that way before but I couldn't agree more. You've shown us that there's not just ONE thing we can be when we "grow up". We've never fully arrived...we're always evolving, always BECOMING. Watch our sit-down TONIGHT at 8/7c on OWN. #IAmBecoming
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This gets it exactly right. The case against Pelosi basically boils down to the fact that Republicans love to attack her -- but they'll do that to any Democrat. What Ds need to do is confront Rs, not cringe and hope to be left alone https://t.co/TjMUxW0VvA
#RIP Stan Lee, who spoke out against anti-Semitism decades ago, writing: "Sooner or later...we must fill out hearts with tolerance."

(via @BoingBoing) #StanLee
We can never extended enough gratitude to our veterans and their loved ones. Thank you for your bravery, courage, selflessness and sacrifice. Your are true heroes! #VeteransDay2018
If you read one thing today, MAKE IT THIS 👇 #onething
29-year-old veteran: "I’m about to lose everything that I own and become homeless," Roundtree said. "I don’t want to be that veteran on the street begging for change because I haven’t received what I was promised."https://t.co/whflnTEc5R
Amazing, but not shocking at all anymore. Nearly 200,000 Florida Voters May Not Be Citizens https://t.co/8HiObPLeeM via @nbc6
Not really tracking this whole Pelosi-as-speaker thing. But really: the most effective speaker in modern history, who just oversaw a highly effective campaign, and is still vigorous. Yes, Republicans demonize her. So? Why on earth not use her demonstrated skills for now?
So after all of Trump’s gleefulness about how he personally hounded Jeff Flake out of office, Republicans ended up losing Flake’s seat.
new Gallup Poll on how Americans view Trump's performance as president: 38% approve, 56% disapprove
the blue wave of 2018 in a nutshell:

Republicans carried white evangelical Christians by 53 percentage points

Democrats carried everyone else by 34 points

white evangelical Christians are only one-fourth of the electorate

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