Home Staging Proves Lucrative Return on Investment
Alzheimer’s research is one of the most exciting frontiers of science. I’m optimistic we can alter the course of the disease if we make progress in five key areas, including the development of a better diagnostic: https://t.co/nChla7AA2T
President Trump doubles down on his “fake news media - enemy of the people” mantra for reporting that his meeting with Putin was widely panned by members of his own party. That makes me an enemy of the state.https://t.co/TrsfmVKJYj
The president says his country’s media is a bigger enemy than Russia:
BREAKING: Comcast says it is dropping its pursuit of Twenty-First Century Fox’s assets, focusing on Sky bid https://t.co/okQsUzzGOm
This week’s cartoon from KAL
Initial jobless claims, a proxy for layoffs across the U.S., fell to 207,000 last week, the lowest since December 1969 https://t.co/0hiqugCKTX
Sweden, Norway, Russia and Finland are all affected. Read more: https://t.co/XuSccIOmsH
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How To Make More From Your Money In Canada
Trump admin hearing on his threatened auto tariffs has begun with four major speakers - repping U.S. and foreign automakers, U.S. auto dealers, and the National Association of Manufacturers - saying the tariffs are a terrible idea, would hurt both U.S. companies and consumers.
Among the revealing pieces of @karaswisher's interview with Zuckerberg: he seems to think there's a meaningful difference between domestic misinformation (wrongness protected by free speech) and misinformation abroad (which causes "real harm"). https://t.co/KZXxWTIDb2
.@Billbrowder: “The fact that the people who passed the Magnitsky Act & the people who are investigating money laundering are being targeted to be intv, and the Pres of the US says that's an "interesting idea"? This has got to be one of the lowest points in his presidency.”
Good times with @dbongino for @RepDeSantis today for his primary run for #florida Governor. Always fun making lib heads explode with things like facts, logic, and reason. A great guy and great speaker. #fl #flpolpol
Could this physicist's wave energy converter be the world's answer to clean, reliable power? https://t.co/OCIqLYTk7s #tictocnews
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Nelson Mandela’s sacrifice and triumph teach us what a powerful impact one person can have. “We can change the world and make it a better place. It is in your hands to make a difference.” #Mandela100
Ivanka Trump is asking companies to sign the White House's "new Pledge to America’s Workers—a commitment to invest in the current and future workforce." 100% of Ivanka Trump clothes are made by workers overseas https://t.co/XAKEIGvm9W https://t.co/jtWCT1sunL
How to become a better leader according to science
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Don’t call people pedophiles for no reason; don’t attribute good faith to Holocaust deniers.

I am available to provide further PR advice to tech billionaires for a fee. Shoot me a DM.
Madiba would call to wish me happy birthday – on his own birthday! – every year. It was just one small way Madiba showed his warmth and his humanity https://t.co/hNOoNKXgFy #WalkTogether
No way to begin this Monday & this week with anything but a World Cup final image. This pic talks about youth, dreams & making those dreams a reality. And the Golden Trophy? Well there’s one for each of us..the trick is to make sure we’re chasing the Trophy we REALLY want...
BTS' 'Love Yourself: Tear' is the 9th best-selling album in the U.S.
America and the EU are best friends. Whoever says we are foes is spreading fake news.
WH press sec Sanders acknowledged that Putin talked to Trump about his interest in prosecuting financier Bill Browder and former US Michael McFaul. she declined to rule out US cooperation in that effort, saying Trump would consult his national security team
Russia is NOT a rising power

They are our 30th largest trading partner - BEHIND UAE & Chile

They remain in a state of financial crisis since 2014
- household income declining
-major funding shortfalls in education & healthcare - exacerbated by the recessionhttps://t.co/cdoJ6Rzs9G
I'm reading where elected officials and pundits think we should go to war with Russia. The same folks that say we shouldn't stop China stealing and cheating because TV prices will go up $25 think we should send our best young men and women into combat. Come on people.
Today does NOT have to be a sad day for America

It is surely a self-inflicted sad day for @realDonaldTrump & his legacy

Today could be a day when leaders across the political spectrum join together & show what AMERICA FIRST actually is

Two security experts from the Department of Energy left plutonium and radioactive cesium in the back seat of their rental car at a hotel in a high-crime neighbourhood. Someone smashed the window and stole it. https://t.co/3Agctiu6CF
This could happen.
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