Home Staging Proves Lucrative Return on Investment
From Boeing to soybeans, China has a long retaliation list against Trump's tariffs https://t.co/OxurTaVbVe
Musk deletes Facebook pages of Tesla, SpaceX after challenged on Twitter https://t.co/R4kVfhWHFh
This robot is both creepy and amazing, but you can teach it your own tricks! https://t.co/8kxGmhvIWf
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Rather than being a gun-lover's paradise, Switzerland is a model for the benefits of restricting gun use https://t.co/OciZRlSD05
Good one in my #whatsappwonderbox this morning! I've added this capsule to my medicine chest. Will take one a day. Maybe two on some difficult days!
Parkland school shooting survivor @KyleKashuv on @TIME magazine cover: "I think maybe they were trying to represent only one point of view."
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#ICYMI @FLOTUS honored the 2018 #WomenOfCourage awardees. Each awardee's story is an inspiring reminder of how individuals can make a difference. https://t.co/bP4ELRQetr
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Parkland school shooting survivor @KyleKashuv: "What I think that every single lawmaker agreed on was that they want to see that people who are mentally disturbed can't acquire a weapon, and they want to make sure that our background check system is actually being implemented."
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These are the world's most miserable economies https://t.co/ITZZxv6VgV
How To Make More From Your Money In Canada
Parkland school shooting survivor @kylekashuv: "I truly believe that if you want change, you go to the legislators."
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Facebook hit with shareholder lawsuits over data misuse crisis https://t.co/I5iVLrAXGD by @riptari
@VentureBeat @kharijohnson We’ve never advertised with FB. None of my companies buy advertising or pay famous people to fake endorse. Product lives or dies on its own merits.
Hey remember when @TheAtlantic’s new political writer said women who have abortions should be executed by hanging? I SURE DO https://t.co/sac87zso1E
I didn’t realize there was one. Will do.
Trump falsely claims for the second time that this bill gives the largest pay increase to the troops in "over a decade." It's smaller than Obama's increase in 2010.
.@RepDeSantis on spending bill: "I'd like to see the president to veto it."
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Definitely. Looks lame anyway.
Trump says a lot of dishonest things, but his repeated claim that he is the true champion of DACA recipients after terminating DACA and repeatedly refusing deals that would protect DACA recipients is high on the list.
The Obama administration didn't "legalize" bump stocks - they were already being sold. The Obama-era ATF decided in 2010 that bump stocks did not come under their regulatory authority. The Trump-era ATF said the same thing in 2017.
What, a troll, me!? How dare you, sir!
Fun fact: @FTC charged @facebook in 2011 because it "deceived consumers by telling them they could keep their information on Facebook private and then repeatedly allowing it to be shared and made public" https://t.co/BKE1voEIhU
(I worked on this investigation) #CambridgeAnalytica
Tyler '@Ninja' Blevins says he makes $500,000 a month playing video games.
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South Korean K-pop boy band @BTS_twt helped its manager more than double its revenue in 2017 https://t.co/QZPgjodDJ4
I guess he wasn't wrong
retired US Army Col Ralph Peters, quitting Fox News: "Fox has degenerated from providing a legitimate and much-needed outlet for conservative voices to a mere propaganda machine for a destructive/ethically ruinous administration. I long was proud of the association. Now ashamed”
This is a serious moment for the web’s future. But I want us to remain hopeful. The problems we see today are bugs in the system. Bugs can cause damage, but bugs are created by people, and can be fixed by people. 1/9
Serious question: everything suggests that Putin has something on Trump which is bad enough that Trump is too scared to voice even a hint of criticism. But what could he possibly have that is worse than what we already know?
Karnataka's 6 more railway stations go live with high speed WiFi connectivity. Realising PM @narendramodi's vision of a New Digital India, Railways has been providing WiFi services at stations, enabling people to access internet & enhancing their knowledge & skills.
Hearing from inside-There were only 3 people in the room when @realDonaldTrump CONGRATULATED Putin -John Kelly, HR McMAster &Nadia Schadlow.
Kelly is “Furious” abt the leaker.
How do we know Kelly didn’t leak & just wants to frame McMaster, thus forcing the final blow to HR?
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